Accessible from the hallway, you will find the second of three available rooms; Lucia. A room decorated with ancient traditional drawings from Sardinia.

Inside the room, doors open to a small French balcony, very useful to dry your towels after a relaxing day at the beach. Room Lucia is a beautiful space, very light and well equipped with double-glass and shutters to protect your privacy and the coolness inside.


Room Facilities

Within the wardrobe you will find a safe for your valuables; the rooms are also equipped with a television and mini-fridge what will ensure the ability to keep drinks or fresh food.

Upon your arrival you will find water and soft drinks, which are included in the room price.


Privat bathroom

The private ‘Italian’ bathroom has a bidet, toilet, sink and shower. Of course equipped with hot and cold water.

Upon your arrival you will find toiletries (soap, shampoo, toilet paper) and per person a set of a bath mat, a small, a medium and a large towel (included in the price).